Saturday, August 23, 2008

What's in a Name???

The time has come to really get serious about a kennel name. I have a deposit down on my first female and she is just to die for. Tiny Imperial white girl. Her mom is Sweet Pea and dad is Dilly. She is from Paws Paradise Shih Tzu. I am thinking of naming her Cotton Candi Kisses. But I have a while on that.

Here are some kennel names I am tossing around.

Blossoms and Butterfly Shih Tzu

Itsy Bitsy Shih Tzu

Glitzy Shih Tzu

Glitzy Shih Tzu Dogues

Shih Tzu Blossoms

Wei Kai Shih Tzu translates to Tiny Blossom Shih Tzu

Wei Bi Shih Tzu translates to Tiny Royal Shih Tzu

Wei Chen Shih Tzu translates to Tiny Ponder Shih Tzu

I would like to know your thoughts or suggestions.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

A New Adventure

Everyone knows how crazy I am about my furGirls. And that I have a love of animals in general.
Well....I have decided to raise puppy's....Shih Tzu in particular. I am not sure why this breed. They have a gentle temperament and are cute as a puppy and adult. There are lots of beautiful colors too.
I am searching for the perfect little girl and boy to start my kennel. And I have already met some wonderful breeders online. Shelby of Sweet and Sassy Shih Tzu has been the BEST and already given me a wealth of information. She has the MOST gorgeous babies.
It will be over a year before my first litter will be born. Until then I have lots and lots to learn.
My next goal is a kennel name. Please feel free to give me any ideas.

Tomorrow is another day.....Jill

Monday, August 11, 2008

Look who has a BLOG !!! we go !!! I thought I would give this blog thing a try. I am not very good at expressing myself, but my girls will be proud that I am making an attempt.

I do love reading their blogs and seeing the pictures. So now I have a blog to show off my family,furbabies and the flowers in my garden.