Saturday, August 23, 2008

What's in a Name???

The time has come to really get serious about a kennel name. I have a deposit down on my first female and she is just to die for. Tiny Imperial white girl. Her mom is Sweet Pea and dad is Dilly. She is from Paws Paradise Shih Tzu. I am thinking of naming her Cotton Candi Kisses. But I have a while on that.

Here are some kennel names I am tossing around.

Blossoms and Butterfly Shih Tzu

Itsy Bitsy Shih Tzu

Glitzy Shih Tzu

Glitzy Shih Tzu Dogues

Shih Tzu Blossoms

Wei Kai Shih Tzu translates to Tiny Blossom Shih Tzu

Wei Bi Shih Tzu translates to Tiny Royal Shih Tzu

Wei Chen Shih Tzu translates to Tiny Ponder Shih Tzu

I would like to know your thoughts or suggestions.


Lianna Knight said...

I still like the Itsy Bitsy Shih Tzu's...I just like the sound of it :)

I love the signature at the are doing so good mom :)

Love you!

pb said...

Well I agree with Lianna. Itsy Bitsy Shi Tzu has a nice ring to it. I think probably easy to remember too.

monelle said...

I like Itsy Bitsy Shih Tzu's too! My baby girl (black and white shih tzu) is 5 years old. I am excited about your new business.

Cathy said...

I like Glitzy Shih Tzus and Itsy Bitsy Shih Tzus the best. Itsy Bitsy sounds so cute and yet Glitzy is all about my BFF Jill!

Lisha said...

I'm joining in on the votes for Itzy Bitzy Shih Tzu's just wondering if a change in spelling would foot the cutiness bill!!! So, what do you think???? But like I said I do love the Itsy Bitsy Shih Tzu's!!!! Love you lots!! Lisha