Friday, February 27, 2009

Cutie Patooties

We have babies....lots of babies!! Cookie had seven beautiful babies...five girls and 2 boys...on Friday 13th (she just couldn't wait till the 14th, Valentine's Day).

What an experience for was my first ever litter. I could not of made it without the help of my wonderful husband and daughter...Jim and Lisha. So a big THANKS to Team

Labor started around 8 pm Thurday evening and she had her first baby at 1:47 am. All the girls came first and then the boys. Last little boy arrived at 6:05 am.

Unfortunately, one little boy did not make it. That is the saddest part of being a breeder.

The others, however, are growing like little weeds. They are 2 weeks old now. Here are their one week old pictures....the last pic. is the little boy.

If you would like adopt one of these little cutie pies or for more information...check out my website...JillyBean's Shih Tzu Shoppe.


Lianna Knight said...

Too cute!! That little polka dotted one is still my favorite!

Laura Ann said...

Oh my goodness...I love them all. I would so love to have that black and white female, reminds me of my sweet Patches. I need to bring Emma to see them...she would be in dog-dog heaven

Cathy said...

Too cute! Have you built an addition onto your house for all the new family members?

Love your Irish design!

Miss you!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Too cute....what cute pictures...
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